introduction to the field of fashion design

Fashion is not just about fashion. It is something around us in the air, it is the breezes that carry with it the new shout, that you will feel its coming and smell its aromas in the sky and on the street; Fashion is related to ideas, our lifestyle and what is happening around us.

Coco Chanel
Somehow, at some point in your life, something must have sparked creativity in you. Maybe when you were a kid you took out the original outfit your Barbie doll came in and made her a much more elegant one. Or, when you were growing up, you were so fascinated by your mother’s appearance as you watched her dress up for a night on the town; You were scrutinizing her dress, her shoes, her jewelry, and her hair. Whatever prompted your decision to pursue a career as a fashion designer, you are welcome.

There is no field more rewarding and fulfilling than fashion design. A person with a creative vision creates — from an idea they brainstorm — a line of clothes that can be sold entirely, shown in fashion shows, in stores, in catalogs, and to people all over the world. From conception to final product, fashion designers do more than just design; On a typical workday, a designer might select models for an upcoming fashion show, meet with a public relations manager to discuss international press coverage, resolve a sizing issue with the technical design team, and consult with the legal department to ensure that a garment’s label does not violate government regulations. , and discusses the best-selling pieces of clothing last season with the promotion department.

Look #34 from the Peter Som Spring 2012 runway collection. Photography: Dan Lecca. Image courtesy of Peter Somme.
The model is wearing an evening dress, while the model is wearing a Kinsley jacket and Panos trousers from Banos Emporio. Image courtesy of Panos Emporio.
As a fashion designer who dreams of launching his own collection, you will not only have the opportunity to showcase your unique design abilities to the world, but also to express your personal views on societal issues and defining moments in history, from politics and world peace to philanthropy and humanitarian issues. LGBT rights and environmental sustainability; For example, famous fashion designer Kenneth Cole is known for forcefully expressing his personal opinions in his advertising campaigns. And this is just one of the many exciting ways you can use your innate sense of style, subtle sense of color, personal creativity, and artistic talent to influence people, lifestyles, and societal trends; So, in fact, fashion designers can not only make innovations in the world of fashion, but also convey an important message for them to people.

Fashion is not just a product; It is the embodiment of the identity of individuals, the way they express, perceive and portray themselves, their way of behaving, and their way of life. Fashion is a way to improve the psychological state. It can improve our quality of life, lift our spirits, and most of all, it can make us happy. Most people pride themselves on expressing their personal beauty through what they wear and how they wear it, from head to toe. There is a psychological factor in fashion that can deeply influence a consumer (for example, a sense of confidence or an overwhelming sense of power) when he wears a certain type of clothing, shoes, jewelry, or even when he wears a certain perfume, and a good designer always takes this into account when designing products for his client. target.

The fashion designer has the opportunity to choose the clothes of his clients in both their professional and social lives. From the most exciting moments of their lives to their darkest days. You will play an essential role in supporting and influencing people’s lives with the fashion you create for them at pivotal moments in their lives; From one’s first birthday, one’s first day of kindergarten, the day one graduates high school, the day one graduates from college, to the day one applies for an important job offer, and one’s wedding day, when the bride-to-be enters the wedding hall and steps nervous — but excited — into On her way to getting married.

The prominent Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab lived this dream; He designed Halle Berry’s clothes for the 74th Academy Awards, in 2002, at which Berry was the first black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar. In her moving speech upon receiving the award, she said, with tears streaming down her cheeks: “This moment is much bigger than me. This moment is dedicated to Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, and DeHaan Carroll. and to the ladies who stood beside me; Jada Pinkett, Angela Bassett, Vivica Fox, and to every black woman who has a chance now; Because tonight that door is open to her.” Although Mr. Elie Saab was not on stage with his client; He played an essential role behind the scenes in two very important ways. First, help his client feel confident on this momentous occasion for her. And secondly, he built a certain level of trust with her that pushed her to choose him as her designer at such important moments in her life. The bond that forms between a fashion designer and a client usually results in a lifelong friendship.

This amazing world is a place where innovation comes to life, and where creative interpretation knows no bounds. For thousands of designers around the world, this feeling will become an integral part of who they are and how they express themselves. It is their source of livelihood. Day after day, through hard working hours and moments of intense pressure, that passion will help propel you to design collection after collection, season after season, year after year.

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